2018 Nail Trends

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What Is New & Exciting In Nail Care?

During the cold months our options are a bit more limited when it comes to expressing ourselves through the way we choose to present ourselves. Most of our effort seems to go towards making sure we are covered enough not to freeze, which is a point in and of itself. We are so covered up there isn’t much room left for self-expression. Besides trying to keep warm, most beauty effort is put into upkeep and fighting the effects of the cold rather than beautifying.

But there is an area of beauty which actually flourishes during this time – namely, nail care. Nails are one of the few parts of our bodies that are not negatively affected by the cold, and the nails on our hands are pretty noticeable making them good canvases for beautiful self-expression and fun.

Just consider the recently passed holiday season – every beauty program discussed the most popular and innovative nail designs. Even the most laid back fashionistas did something special and holiday inspired to their nails, even if that only meant going from neutral to deep red for the holidays. Or what about the Halloween inspired spooky nails everyone sported at the end of October?

It only makes sense, then,  to talk about 2018 Nail Trends for the most versatile beauty surface on our bodies, this is the season to really play up our nails and look forward to what’s ahead:

  • Tough looking, hard wearing chrome. Also chrome that changes color depending on the light
  • Mirrored nails – a bit of silver and a lot of shine
  • Silver and Gold – slightly shimmery but not glittery
  • Go big or go home – Shiny and black
  • Nude nails with accents such as: a drop on shimmer polish at the base, or black accents for contrast
  • Very deep and dark colors – great for the colder months to really stand out
  • Stone art on the nails
  • Nail art – Geometric shapes in bold colors
  • Nail shapes – thankfully anything goes, so pick your favorite; short and round, long and pointy, or any combination that suits you, and just go for it!

This year seems to be a fun one for our nails!

But none of this will be possible if our nails are not taken care of, and are healthy and strong. There are a few things that can make it a bit hard for us to really have fun with our nails. Split nails that have become soft and easily broken, this issue can be easily fixed with some medicated polish, and of course no biting! Then there is nail fungus – now this is a really big problem that can literally eat away at the nails, making them not only unattractive (yellow and too thick) but also very unhealthy, infectious, and even painful. It can spread not only nail to nail but also to the surrounding skin, and the worst part is that it is very difficult to get rid of.  The way to fight nail fungus for good is to use CURE-EX, a nail fungus laser treatment. This cold laser nail therapy, onychomycosis treatment, cures the nails of fungus by combining pulse laser energy and blue light energy. The therapeutic energies penetrate the infected nail, targeting and destroying the pathogens in the nail bed. While the blue light works to eliminate the fungal cells and prevent further infection, pulse laser therapy works to encourage the formation of healthy cells.  

Enjoy your healthy and beautiful nails in 2018 – and don’t forget to have fun expressing yourself through them!

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