5 Beauty Tricks to Hide Your Holiday Hangover


IT’S CHRISTMAS!! We have reached the end of the countdown and Christmas eve has finally arrived! The little kid inside of you is probably jumping around, but we aren’t so little anymore, it is time to embrace those inevitable hangovers that will surely follow Christmas and New Year’s eve, not to mention the mid-week parties that we don’t have much of a say in. Resist the urge to call in sick and follow these tips to make people ask “what hangover?”.

 1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

First things first, if you’re clambering into bed after a night of seasonal drinking, do yourself a favor and have a big glass of water before hitting the sack. This is really going back to basics but your head will thank you in the morning. You may still be feeling rough, but not half as bad as you would have had you not hydrated the night before! Make sure to stay hydrated and eat some fruit the following day, if you can resist staying away from your morning caffeine fix that would be even better! The sugars in the fruit and much needed hydration will make you look and feel a ton better. 
TIP: Try adding some coconut water into the mix.

2. De-puff

Stumbling out of bed and glancing in the mirror at your post party face isn’t the best of ways to wake up. You may have thought you didn’t look too bad in your 20’s the morning after, but now in your 40’s that grey skin and those puffy under-eye circles are bound to draw a hell of a lot of attention – and not the good kind. 
The tried and tested tea bag trick is sure to bring light to your puffy eyes. Simply apply COLD teabags to the eyelids for 5 minutes whilst sipping on your cuppa in the morning.

3. Find Yourself a Spoon

Spoons aren’t just for eating with! They make the perfect product for getting rid of under eye bags. If you’re still not happy after de-puffing with tea, apply a chilled spoon under your eyes. Press lightly to restrict the blood vessels and fool anyone into thinking you slept like a baby. This trick can work with anything really if it’s cold, you can try using ice, frozen peas or even a very cold slice of cucumber.

4. Aspirin : The Under-rated Beauty Weapon

You may already have taken an Aspirin for your pounding hangover headache but that aspirin will also work to reduce the inflammation attacking your skin, helping you to look and feel better (as soon as it kicks in that is). If you have the time you can make an easy aspirin facial mask that will help to reduce redness, inflammation and even acne! Simply mix 4 plain (uncoated) aspirin pills with a tablespoon (or two) of lukewarm water. Mix together to form a paste, you can then add some honey to thicken up the mask, but if you want a more soothing mask then make sure to use yogurt instead. 
Caution Some people are allergic to aspirin, so make sure to patch test your skin before smothering over your face!

5. Skip the foundation

A combination of alcohol and a lack of sleep can wreak havoc on the skin, particularly older skin – Oh the perks of aging! Alcohol is a vasodilator and hence promotes the opening of blood vessels in the skin. This is why you may notice those red patches and broken capillaries after a late night out of drinking. Alcohol also has a drying effect on the skin, making foundation application anything but seamless.
Foundation and powders might normally play a key part of your morning make up routine, but you must use every bone in your body to put the stuff down. Make sure to thoroughly moisturize the skin and swap your foundation for a lighter BB cream and some concealer. Add a touch of bronzer to rid of any pallor and you’re good to go. Hangover skin is no more!

Now go get ‘em!

Beautiful Online Wishes you a very Merry Christmas!

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