5 tips to get your hair ready for Spring

5 tips to get your hair ready for Spring

Spring is around the corner! How is your hair ready?

Although we enjoy the warmer weather, come Spring and it can be hard on your hair. We just left Winter, and with it damage from dry air and frigid temperatures. Of course we are more than welcoming Spring and Summer, but watch out for the change in climate, as it can cause even more damage to your hair. Needless to say, we will be prepared. And here are some tips to work on during this warming days.

As temperature raises, so does humidity, heat and pool water, not mention sea breeze, all damaging our hair in various ways. Time to act on it is now! Go ahead and indulge in some hair treatment, you’ll be pleased with the results, and with an amazing shining hair throughout these coming seasons.

1. Get a snip

It may have taken you long to grow your hair, but trimming is a must. Let’s get rid of those dead ends. No hard chore haircut, a simple trim will do. But, you can always opt for a wild change, so look up for some new trends.

2. SPF, for that sunny light!

The sun can damage not only your skin, but also your hair. But, applying SPF on your skin won’t do much to your hair, so go on and get a good quality shampoo which will aid in minimizing the sun’s effects, colored or not, and wear a hat, too. After all, it’s also a great accessory.

3. Shampooing more

Well, of course we’re going to shower and definitely wash our hair, but colder weather requires more of a moisturizing products. Now, Spring and Summer aren’t that dry, therefore we need to focus on the humidity. So, keep you Winter products at the back of your shelf, and place a good enriching shampoo and a good restorative treatment for the season to come. After all, in warmer weather, we tend to get out more, so dirtier and sweatier, thus, shampooing more often.

4. Bye-bye frizzy hair

As we won’t need such “heavy” products on our hair, we still want to keep that frizziness off. We do need to keep our hair properly moisturized, and better yet with natural oils, such as Argan oil. We recommend using Argan Dew’s miraculous oil. Apply it on a daily basis or as needed, for a silky smooth hair. And it can be used on damp or dry hair.

Another moisturinz option is using a very good quality hair mask, such as Argan Dew’s hair mask. It not only revitalizes all hair types, but also protects from future damage.

Along with that, make sure you use a proper comb or brush, and be gentle when doing so, by starting from the ends and moving upwards slowly. Don’t rip off your hair, it’s painful and it can cause your roots unnecessary damages!

5. Cleansing your hair

Since we are outside, and pools are also a big part of warm days, we can’t forget that there are some chemicals in chlorine pools. We would never tell you to avoid that by all means, quite the contrary, don’t miss out the fun, but make sure you clean your hair properly afterwards.

Apart from using a very good shampoo, and ours have an amazing scent as well, it’s a good thing to apply a serum to protect your hair. We highly recommend using Argan Dew’s Protective Hair Serum.

And if you’re still looking for an extra protective step, applying Argan Dew’s Restorative Hair Treatment will get you just that, protecting from root to tip, and preventing the hair to absorb those chemicals as much, and you still get a smoother and glosser feeling!

6. Accessorize

And our last tip, accessorize! This is the season to styling and dressing your hair up. Don’t need to go all fancy or throw a crown on your head. With little pins, flowers, tiaras and such, you can get a perfect Spring feeling with minimum effort.


Hope you enjoyed our tips, and if you have any to share with us, make sure to comment and share!

The Beautiful Online Team

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