All You Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal in the Summer

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Body-hair and summertime are two words that certainly should not be put in the same sentence! With clothing shrinking as the sun becomes stronger, the bikinis call for smooth, hair-free skin. Nobody should be missing out on summer events and a spontaneous trips to the pool or beach just because of a little body hair embarrassment. Women (and men) have turned to waxing and shaving for quick home treatments, but we all know in this day and age the best alternative is laser hair removal…

One issue however is the summertime disadvantages. Tanning and HPL/IPL hair removal, do not mix so well together. But we are here to bust some common myths about the two. You CAN do laser hair removal in the summer, but more caution is needed!

What I need to know about tanning and laser hair removal

It is best not to have a tan (certainly not a burn) when you use your hair removal device (be it with Silkn, the Me Touch or at your spa). If the color of your hair is similar to that of your skin, then the devices will not work as well. Every machine and treatment has different guidelines, so make sure to read them first! But generally speaking, it is necessary to stay out of the sun one week before and after treatment. If you do not follow this advice, you could easily end up with blisters, scarring and hyper-pigmentation.

What I should know about sun exposure?

If you are exposed to the sun, be sure to wear clothing or SPF 50+ sun lotion. You should be doing this 1 week before and 1 week after treatment. Even on a cloudy day, make sure to always protect your skin with clothing or sun lotion.

How can I reduce a summer tan before my IPL/HPL session?

You can use a peeling scrub a few days before your session to reduce some of your tan. Use a brush or sponge and in gentle circular motions use a scrub over the desired area. If you firmly press a finger onto your skin and then remove it to see that the skin is fairly lighter where you have just pressed, this is an indicator that you should not complete your session. 
*Please note there are a few types of laser hair removal machines that recommend not to exfoliate before treatment – be sure to check this with your specific method!

It is definitely possible to use HPL/IPL hair removal during the summer months, you must however be sensible about it. Educate yourself with the device or treatment you are using to avoid complications. If you are aware of the precautions there is no reason you can’t start now!

A Permanant Home Hair Removal Machine that Works on Tanned Skin!

Why not have a look at the Me Touch permanant hair removal device which is specially modified to work on tanned skin and even on darker skin tones. The Me Touch uses the latest innovative technology, working on the broadest spectrum of skin tones as well as hair colors. The Me Touch is suitable even for those with fair hair! 

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