Beauty Tips For Women For The Men In Their Lives

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Help a man out, why don’t ya?

Have you ever paid attention to the beauty routine, or rather, grooming routine as men prefer to refer to it, of your husband, or boyfriend, or father, or (even) son? It probably didn’t involve too much, it could hardly even be called a routine, and we bet you felt a little jealous of the freedom too. But, while men’s grooming does tend to be less demanding, it should not be ignored altogether.

Yet oftentimes men, unlike most women, don’t necessarily know exactly what it is they should be doing to improve or at least upkeep their skin, hair, and overall “beauty”. So we have put together a list of helpful and easy to do tips for you to impart on, or delicately recommend, to the men in your lives:

  1. The face should be washed with a good gentle cleanser. Men tend to use whatever happens to be there to clean the dirt off their face, but using harsh soaps can dry out the skin and leave it lacking the essential oils it needs, which leads to the formation of lines and wrinkles among other things. So suggest or just go out and buy, a good and gentle cleanser for men.
  2. Always use moisturizer after cleaning the face. To women, this is a well-known fact, but many men skip this very important step. Try one with retinol, which diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, lightens dark spots, keeps your skin soft, and gives you a healthy glow, and most importantly keeps skin hydrated.
  3. Sunscreen! This is another no-brainer for women that men might not be too familiar with. Always put on sunscreen, rain or shine, summer or winter to protect the skin from sun’s dangerous UV rays which can cause irritation, sun damage to the skin, and the ever dreaded cancer. SPF 30 or higher will do, a combination of moisturizer and sunscreen is a great option.
  4. No more cheap razors, these will cause razor burn and/or ingrown hairs, not to mention will not do a good job of getting rid of unwanted hair. Investing in such an important and often-used item is a must! We have some fantastic options for electric shavers to choose from (bonus points – they make great gifts too).
  5. Aftershave is a must! It soothes irritated skin after shaving while hydrating it as well. It should be alcohol-free because alcohol dries out skin.
  6. If going grey then improve the look of hair by using hair dye. Don’t need the salon, buy a hair dye intended for men (less harsh) and that says that it covers grey, it will be subtle and will add shine, youthful hair in a bottle.
  7. Whiten smile with a whitening toothpaste or at-home whitening kits. If this is too long and too demanding of a process, then a trip to the dentist will do the trick.
  8. If balding then embrace it by shaving the head completely – the bald look is IN!
  9. Body hair – this one is tricky, however too much hair can be a bit unattractive, especially on the back, a bit of manscaping can help. Of course, a trip to the waxing salon can take care of the issue, or if this is a bit much then we have some permanent hair removal or hair trimming products that can help remove unwanted hair!
  10. For an extra boost to the grooming routine men can add skin firming (currently on a special Father’s Day sale) and anti-aging products to the routine, it’s only a few times a week, great results for little effort.

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