Best Products for the Summer

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Essentials for taking care of yourself in the summer months

As the summer continues everyone revs up their effort to try to take full advantage of the hot, sunny weather; be it days spent at the park, or the beach, an outing to an amusement park, or simply a nice barbeque with friends in the backyard. Because, while no one wants to admit it to others and much less themselves, everyone knows that the cold and rainy weather is just around the corner.

Enjoying the sun rays is what summer is all about, this is the time to re-energize yourself for the gloomy months, spend some quality time with family and friends, and make some unforgettable memories. But all this time spent under the sun leaves little time to take care of yourself, and the sometimes harmful and strong sun rays can take a toll on your body if not managed properly. Not to worry, here we have compiled our best products to help you savor the summer, and protect you from the undesired effects of the sunny months.

Hair Care:  

Argan Dew Restorative Hair Treatment

Over the course of the summer, under the unrelenting sunrays hair gets damaged, dries out, and loses its luster and shine. You can get it all back by reinvigorating your hair with this treatment.

Hair Removal:

Epilady B Bikini

Don’t want to worry about shaving or potential embarrassing loose hairs? This simple gadget has you covered. Its super easy to use, so much so that you can use it on the go! And the best part is that it’s a budget friendly purchase.

Facial Care:

Tripollar Stop anti wrinkle device

One of the unfortunate effects of the sun on the skin is the formation of wrinkles. It’s important to keep yourself, especially your face, protected with sun block. But even then some damaging rays (will get through) are inescapable, even just being outside and active has negative consequences on the skin. But you can fight wrinkles with this revolutionary product, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles while repairing the look and feel of your skin.    

Glo Me Diamond Microdermabrasion Device and Silk’n Blue Acne Device

Pollution, heat, and humidity can cause skin to clog up and develop acne, when spending a lot of time outside in the summer people are at an especially high risk of this happening. Whether your skin is already broken out or you want to prevent it from happening, we’ve got you covered! You can use Silk’n Blue Acne Device to attack and get rid of already developed acne, or use Glo Me Diamond Microdermabrasion to fight the effects of pollution and general harshness of summer conditions by gently removing dead skin cells and cleaning out dirt and oil from pores. Leaving the face looking bright and refreshed.  

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