Fixes For Common Hair Problems

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Never have a bad hair day again!

Unfortunately, we have all experienced a “bad day” here and there. Sometimes it is inexplicable, it’s just a terrible day, nothing is going your way and there isn’t much you can do about it. Other times there are clear reasons for it, and the one most of us can relate to is a “bad hair day”.  

Bad hair changes your mood and has the ability to ruin your whole day – that’s pretty big! So, one way to ensure that our days stay positive is to prevent “bad hair days” from happening. To do so we have gathered tips and tricks for fixing common hair problems.

Let’s take a look at hair woes and hair solutions:

Frizzy, heat damaged hair – there is a great homemade mixture that takes are of this problem in one go: teaspoon of olive oil, two teaspoons of mayonnaise, and one egg. Apply the mixture to your hair and leave it on for thirty minutes. This concentrated rub will bring your hair back to its luxurious, healthy self.

Fading hair color – after you have spent a bunch on a color job at the salon, the last thing you want to see is that color fading away before your eyes. First things first, protect your hair with a mixture of water and sunblock, spirits it on your hair and you a good to go. If the color has already faded then buy a temporary dye that is a shade darker than your hair color and apply to your hair for 5-10 min, then wash out and condition. And voila, hair color restored.

Dry and unmanageable curly hair – to manage unruly curly hair gather it under a knit hat to let the curls settle and relax for a bit. To flatten the curls pull your hair into a bun for 20 minutes more. This will make it easier to style your hair.

No volume – if your hair is limp and lifeless, and feels like it’s weighed down, try using White vinegar. It expands each strand of hair and helps eliminate excess build-up. Apply it in the shower after washing and conditioning your hair, and then just rinse it out a bit.

Oily hair or scalp – it looks and feels greasy and attractive. You can fix this problem without having to take a whole other shower. Just sprinkle some baby powder on your hair/scalp to get rid of the excess oils.

Last night’s hairdo the morning after – if you simply don’t have time to wash your hair but yesterday’s hair (and a good night’s sleep on the pillow) just isn’t cutting it, then try this quick fix. Flip your head over and spray perfume all over, then massage the roots to add volume back in. It will smell as good as a fresh wash, and nobody will know the difference.

Dull hair – bring back the luster and shine with essential oils, use a mixture of ylang-ylang and jasmine and lightly apply to hair.
Grey hair – once it starts coming there isn’t much that can be done to stop it, even ripping it out won’t help. But you can cover it; Highlights are a great way to camouflage grey hair without too much maintenance. Once more comes in then a full hair color can be considered.

Split ends – to prevent this pesky problem from happening in the first place, you should get micro trims pretty regularly before the damage spreads. This doesn’t mean that you have to lose length, only ⅛ of an inch is sufficient. Using microfiber towels and silk pillowcases will also help to prevent hair from splitting, due to their non-abrasive texture.

We hope all of the above tricks will help solve your mini-crisis and prevent bad hair days. A more permanent way to help common hair problems from never appearing in the first place and ruining your days is using good hair care products every day. Such as Argan Dew.

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