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Here Is What’s Trending In Hair For Fall 2017

With September about to come to an end, we can firmly close the door on the hot and sticky summer climate and embrace the cooler fall weather. And with that we begin the transformation: dressing for warmth not to cool down, reintroducing earthy colors, deepening makeup, intensifying skincare regimen and last but not least changing up the hair.  Yes, hair gets a renewal for the season as well! Changing of the seasons is the time to shake things up with our style and there is no reason to leave your hairstyle behind!

Different styles are fun to try, but no matter the season you can’t forget to take care of your locks so they stay healthy and bright. You can do this by using products that contain argan oil in them, such as Argan Dew. Argan oil nourishes hair leaving it strong and protected from damage.

We have compiled here the best new Hair Trends for Fall 2017 from both the fashion/beauty set and the celebrity set. See which one suits you best:

The Buzz Cut – a la Kristen Stuart or Katy Perry. This is a chic look that takes some guts to pull off but when done right it makes a HUGE statement. And, it just so happens, it’s the easiest way to deal with damaged hair from the summer. Not to mention it’s completely liberating!

A Geometrical Topknot – messy buns are out but more structured, coiled buns with angular ends sticking out are in. This style is reminiscent of a modern work of art but much more attainable.

The Slicked Back Wet Look – this is very popular with both celebrities and fashionistas. The hair is slicked back and treated to look as if it’s still a bit wet, yet this “unfinished” look gives off an air of sophistication. This is a particular style to be worn to its full dramatic extent for special occasions only! For daytime minimize the severity of the slinkiness and the use of the “wetting” products, for a more relaxed yet stylish look.

Sleek Ponytails with Bows – sleek ponytails are back! But with a twist… a literal twist that is. A bow or a ribbon is tied around the ponytail. Not anything overwhelming but simple and sleek (which seems to be the operative word this season), and in fashionable materials too like silk and velvet (both very on trend).

Platinum Blond – a really severe look is what we’re after here. We are not talking light blonde, this color is verging on silver. Both Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss achieved this look with perfection.

The overwhelming trend this season seems to be all about structure, sleekness, and sophistication. Which one are you going to try?

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