How to Burn Hundreds of Extra Calories a Day Without Even Noticing!

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Winter is slowly but surely heading its way to a warmer weather – although in some places it doesn’t look like that at all for the time being, it will sure pass as well! And warmer climate takes our thoughts to the outside, and eventually to summer. With warmer and longer days to look forward to, now is this time of year that we start the bikini preparation. Eating clean and working out can be a tough ritual to stick to, but what it somebody told you that you could achieve a body to your best self by changing ever so subtle things in your daily routine? Sound too good to be true?

Before you sentence yourself to a month of lean meat and steamed veg only, cast your attention to these tips. With just a few tweaks here and there you will be ‘beach-ready’, or if you preferred ‘fit as you wish’ in no time at all! Here are some ever so simple ways you can burn hundreds of extra calories daily and barely even notice!

 1. Get cooking

Always make your own meals – did you know that if you spend 40 minutes chopping, cutting and dicing veggies (plus the clean-up time) you can actually burn 50 calories. No doubt the meal will be much healthier!

 2. Clench those bum cheeks on your daily commute

This may sound a little odd, but if you commute to work and get bummed about not getting a seat, why not make the most of it by clenching that bottom while you are standing. Imagine if you were to do that every day, twice a day – hello summer bottom!

3. Take the stairs

This is one of the most simplistic of ways to burn extra calories. If you are feeling guilty for snacking on that cookie at the desk, go and work it off up those stairs! Spending 10 minutes walking upstairs can work off a massive 70 calories!

4. Leave your desk every 45 minutes (if you can!)

Humans weren’t always sedentary creatures. With modern day life shoved upon us it can be difficult to get movement into our days working 9-5 desk jobs. It is important to get up from your desk every 45 minutes to get your circulatory system working and to keep your metabolism in check. Even if you just stand for a few seconds, nip to the bathroom, or grab a glass of water, make sure you are on the move every 45 minutes.

5. Level up your walking pace

By simply doubling your walking pace you can burn double the calories. Consider keeping a pair of trainers in the office so you can walk that extra bit faster on the way home. Walking is so simple to do and has numerous benefits; you will be toning up, burning calories and generally helping your mind, body and soul. (

 6. Leave the office at lunch

Some people are fairly happy to take their lunch with them to work and simply eat it at their desk. We aren’t asking you stop bringing in your lunch but why not go and eat it outside? Adding 20 minutes of walking to your day can burn an extra 100 calories, plus the fresh air is great to refocus your mind. Up, up, up you get!

7. Watch TV and tone up

‘How could I possibly tone up whilst watching TV?’ we hear you ask. Simply invest in some hand held weights or even grab some large bottles of water (filled please) and do some arm toning exercises whilst sitting on the couch. 15 minutes of bicep curls whilst watching your favorite show will not only burn off 60 calories but also tone up those arms.

 8. The lazy workout

If running upstairs and adding in little exercises throughout the day is not your cup of tea (though we highly recommend it!), you can always tone up with a skin toning device. There are many skin toning tools used in spas and also on the market today including the TriPollar POSE Skin tightening device. The POSE uses radio frequency to tone all of those wobbly bits you don’t like. Be it bingo wings, that squidgy bit on your lower tummy or toning up those thighs, the POSE can be used on all of these areas to tighten, tone and smooth uneven skin tone (that includes cellulite!).

We recommend combining as many little exercises throughout the day as you can! How about squatting whilst you put the kettle on? Or maybe raising your legs up and down under your desk? Your desk job is no longer an excuse!

By making these small changes you can be summer ready in no time without going to any extremes. Whether you despise the gym or maybe you’re a busy mom and simply don’t have the time for it, tweaking your daily routine and using a skin tightening device to smooth over those extra bits could be all that you really need for that slimmer, healthier you!

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