How to Choose the Right Hair Removal Device for YOU

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If you’ve been looking into buying your very own permanent hair removal device, then look no further! Beautiful Online has the very latest technology to meet all of your hair removal needs. Whether you are looking to remove the hair on your body or face, or you have dark or light skin tone, maybe you have light blonde hair? Look no further because there is something here for everyone, even for those of you on a tight budget!

In this day and age we don’t need to spend ridiculous amounts of money and time in beauty salons when we can just as easily bring the salon home. You can find your perfect hair removal device right now!

Here we list a few of our very best FDA approved hair removal devices; we outline the differences so that you can pick the perfect device for your needs.

1. Silkn Flash & Go (5,000 pulses) – $195

The Flash & Go 5k (pulses) is the very first device developed by Silkn. This is a great permanent hair removal device for those on a budget. Be aware that as with all Silkn products, it is not suitable for those with tanned-darker skin tones or those with light hair (see 4, Me Touch below if you fall into this category). Seeing as most users will require more than 5,000 pulses to achieve the desired results, refill cartridges will need to be purchased as you progress with your treatment.

2. Silkn Flash & Go Luxx (120,000 pulses) – $299 

Using the same HPL technology as the Flash & Go 5k, The Silkn Flash & Go Luxx provides the user with a whopping 120,000 pulses. This is certainly enough for a lifetime for the average user! If you keep in mind that purchasing refill lamps can cost around $40 for every 1,000 pulses for the original Silkn Flash & Go 5k, this is a bargain! The Luxx is perfect for those who want to treat all areas of the body, both big and small (arms, legs, bikini, face and underarms – the lot!). The higher cost reflects the large amount of pulses included, meaning the user will likely not need to purchase refill cartridges at all.

3. Silkn Glide

The Silkn Glide comes in 3 separate models. The difference being in color and pulse amount.

The 3 models include:

These nifty and sleek looking devices are perfect for those travel butterflies out there. The compact size makes them the perfect travel buddies allowing them to fit neatly inside your purse. The small size of the device makes it very comfortable and easy to hold during treating. The Silkn Glide 150k is what we would call a Super Bargain! With abundant pulses you should have enough to keep you going for a lifetime.

A unique feature on these devices means that users can use the ‘Glide’ mode which enables the device to emit pulses that are evenly spaced if the trigger is held down. This unique feature makes treatment sessions twice as fast!

For those who want the most compact and innovative design – this one is for you! The perfect hair remover for girls on the go and simply amazing value for money.

4. Me Touch

Ranging from $449 to $649 the Me Touch devices are the creme de la creme of Home Hair Removal Technology. All of the Me Touch devices contain the very same IPL and RF technologies but differ in their pulse quantity (ranging from 200k-500k pulses) and in the attachments that come with them. For example, some of our package deals include shaver and epilator cartridges that can be attached to your Me Touch device! With 200k pulses + you could easily share your machine with a friend and both of you will have enough pulses for the entire body. With 500k pulses you could practically set up your own spa at home!

The main benefit of the Me Touch is that it can be used for almost any hair color and any skin tone, including tanned and brown skin as well as light blonde hair! This is something that most spa devices are not capable of and it is all down to the innovative technology by Me. 
So if you have light hair and/or dark skin then this one is certainly for you!

When making your decision, do keep in mind your skin and hair color as well as which parts of the body you will be treating. This will determine how many pulses you will need. Both Silkn and Me devices have been clinically tested with proven results and are all FDA approved. We hope that this makes your hair removal mission a little easier in helping you pick the correct device to suit your needs! With summer just around the corner, now is the time to get started (if you haven’t already that is).

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