How to Kick Acne’s Ass

tratamento para pele com acne

Oh the joys of adult acne. Whether you are someone that has dealt with acne in the past, is dealing with those pimples now or even has to deal with moaning friends and family, it is something that most teens and many adults have to deal with. Acne can be a real struggle to overcome and in fact it was only in recent years that scientific research confirmed that diet does indeed affect acne. If you’d like to try changing up your eating habits to enjoy clearer skin we’d encourage you to give it a shot!

So which foods should you stay clear of?

1. Milk
A study conducted in 2010 found that specifically cow’s milk has a strong correlation with acne in terms of its severity and frequency. Cow’s milk causes a spike in sugar levels increasing inflammation leading to pimple formation, this can also be said for many dairy cow products in general including cheese (sorry cheese lovers!). A lot of the milk sold in supermarkets is taken from pregnant cows containing many hormones which can trigger the production of sebum (skin oils). Growth hormones in the milk may also cause the overgrowth of skin cells leading to blocked pores. 

2. High levels of glycemic foods
Glycemic foods are those that cause a sharp insulin spike due to a fast breakdown process in the body thus increasing blood sugar levels FAST. Food such as processed breakfast cereals, bread, white rice, cakes and potato chips are all on the naughty list with a high glycemic index. These foods activate hormonal fluctuations and inflammation. We advise choosing foods with a lower glycemic index (veg, whole grains, lean proteins and the majority of fruits).

3. Sugar
You probably saw this one coming. Apologies sugar addicts but there are a few studies that suggest a link between sugar intake and acne outbreaks. If you notice that you tend to break out after eating high amounts of sugar, this is due to the high spike it causes in your sugar levels (similar to that of glycemic foods). If you think sugar is your culprit try cutting it out. You don’t have to go T-total and cut it out completely, but limiting your intake even if it’s taking out one soda can a day is a great start and you should notice a difference.

4. Junk food
Fast food, junk food, greasy food, it’s all the same and it’s not what you want to hear. For many of the above reasons junk food is a big no no! Hormonal and blood sugar fluctuations combined with inflammation in the body are a recipe for pimples. For the very same reasons stated above (hormonal fluctuations, blood sugar levels), junk foods are on the list to strictly avoid if you’re trying to clear up your skin.

There are many other foods that can affect and contribute to your acne which are still debated such as chocolate, (we pray for chocolates survival in this difficult time). There are of course many other factors to take into account when it comes to those dreaded pimples. Alongside eating clean and steering as clear as possible from acne causing foods it is absolutely vital to maintain a top notch skin care routine.

Zap Away Your Acne!

If changing your diet and skin care routine isn’t tough enough to clear your stubborn acne, you could try out the Tanda Zap which utilizes LED light technology to clear any current spots you may have. Do bear in mind that this will treat the symptoms of acne but not the cause. You will need to combine eating clean to get to the roots of your acne issues and simply use the Tanda Zap to literally zap away any spots that are bothering you (perfect if you have an event the next day!). The Silkn Blue Acne device also uses blue LED to kill the skin bacteria and eliminate pimples with great clinical results and success. You could also try out microdermabrasion to really cleanse your skin of any lingering bacteria and wipe away any dead skin cells which could build up and block pores. Microdermabrasion and exfoliation paired with a good cleansing routine will ultimately help in your battle against acne.

With the right products, the right attitude and the correct diet, everyone can achieve happy, clear and beautiful skin.

Have you managed to clear up your acne with dietary changes? Let us know!

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