Insider Tips for Beach Ready Body for Busy People

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Insider Secrets For The Best Body

Let’s face it, while most of us want a perfectly toned body to show off at the beach, and everywhere else for that matter, the amount of time and effort that it requires is not something most of us are willing or able to devote to it.  Or so we think….

According to industry experts, it seems that it’s possible to clean up your act, tone up, and get the shapely physique you have always wanted without having to kill yourself because of excessive exercise or starvation.

Here are some of the tips we have learned by listening to what the experts had to say:

Eat for God’s sake – people have the misconception that if they stop eating (enough), the pounds will just roll off. This is not the right approach, not only will the resulting weight loss not last, but your health will be compromised in the process. Food is the fuel that keeps your body and metabolism going. Ideally, you should be getting 5 to 6 smaller meals of high-quality foods, high in nutrients and low in artificial ingredients, per day.

Protein, eat it – even if you are cutting down the amount of other types of food you are consuming, it is important to eat a lot of protein to support your muscles. In order to achieve the toned look you are after, your muscles need to stay strong, and they can do that better and easier with the help of proteins.

Water, drink it – it has been said countless times because it’s true. Drinking water is good for you in every way. It is also good for your muscles. Muscles actually mostly consist of water so if you become dehydrated your muscles will break down. Now if you are building muscles it is even more important to keep hydrated so that your muscle tissue may grow.

Exercise smart, not hard (well, hard won’t hurt either) – interval training is the way to go. It allows you to do cardio for weight loss without sacrificing your muscle building. So go hard for a minute and then slow down for 2, and continue with these intervals of fast vs slow, hard resistance vs soft resistance for a 30-minute routine, 3 times a week. Same can be done with a pilates or other types of workouts. It’s the intervals of switching the strength, difficulty, and speed that are important. 

Multitask while exercising – this is the same concept of working smart and not hard, actually in this case,  hard also, but it pays off in terms of better and faster exercise for quicker results. Target multiple muscle groups during the same exercise, for example, a lunge with a bicep curl, or a Pilates push-up with a leg lift. More muscles are engaged at any one time, so you can finish quicker while setting yourself up for more calorie burn throughout the day.

Tighten your skin – for the ultimate long-lasting, effective, quick fix try a skin tightening treatment. Tripollar POSE, a great example of skin tightening, cellulite and stretch mark removing device,  helps your body to stimulate natural processes that renew skin cells. It can be used at home to firm up and smooth out any area of your body that you feel needs help. It shrinks fat cells thereby reducing body circumference while eliminating cellulite and smoothing lumps and bumps. The results are a tighter and shapelier look.

De-Stress – stress is not only bad for your mental well-being, it is also bad for your health and fitness. Cortisol hormone levels rise as your stress rises, unfortunately, cortisol is also in charge of storing fat and diminishing muscle tone. So the more stressed you are the more fat your body will store and degrade muscle tissue. Not to mention that it’s unpleasant for you to experience or for others to be around you. The lesson here is to chill out, try to relax as much as possible, enjoy life, get sleep, and be well.

That perfect beach body is not out of your reach after all.

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