Merry & Bright SKIN For Christmas!

celebrando sem perder o cuidado com a pele

Tips for Keeping Your Skin Glowing The Entire Holiday Season

Ohh, the holiday season, how we have missed you. The joyous mood, the festive decorations, the parties, days off, time with family and friends, and presents – ohh so many presents. For many, this is the best time of the year, and really what’s not to like?

As much as we hate to say it, there are a few downsides. The stress of finding the perfect present for everyone in your life, the exhaustion from the parties and events during this super jammed season, the hassle of travel, and last but not least – the extra time spent with loved ones can become a bit much ;).

Finding the time to fit everything in can be a struggle, and the first thing that gets lost in the whirlwind of the holidays is self-care, specifically speaking – skin care. Taking good care of yourself is essential especially during high-intensity times. The extra stress and hassle of the holidays have a direct affect your appearance from dull skin, to dark circles under eyes, and more. All this during a time when we want to look our absolute best!

This is why we have put together the Holiday Season Self-Care Guide! Read on, learn, implement and look better than ever this holiday season:

1. Cleanse & exfoliate your skin morning and night

This one is pretty simple, you always do it (or so we hope) and you should most certainly continue doing it now, with all the extra events and activities in your daily schedule you need to cleanse your face of impurities including dirt, oil, debris, and pollution more than ever.

In fact, we recommend that you step up your game by introducing exfoliation into your routine. For a thorough exfoliation, use Glo Me, a microdermabrasion device which functions as a stronger exfoliant to remove dead or damaged skin cells. It will leave your face rejuvenated, with clean poses and expose fresh and glowing new skin.

2. Don’t forget to Moisturise and apply Sunscreen

Everyone knows how important it is to moisturize your skin, especially during the cold, dry months, yet many forget to do so when preoccupied with the festivities. Well we are here to remind you- moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Just remember – before applying your makeup slather on that moisturizer. And while we are at it – don’t forget to apply sunscreen as well. It might come as a shock but even though it is cold outside that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t out or that it’s not emitting the harmful UV rays, because it is and it’s emitting!

3. Hydrate

To go along with the above moisturizing point is this one – drink lots of water. Your skin doesn’t only need topical moisture, in the form of a cream or lotion, it also gets moisture from the inside, i.e. the water you drink also helps your skin stay hydrated, and reverses the effects of alcohol too. Drink lots of water both for your skin and for your overall well being!

4. Don’t forget to pay attention to the skin details

We always talk about how to take care of the face or the skin as a whole, but what about the special areas that require special attention?

Lips – apply lip balm to give the hard-working, extra sensitive, and extra exposed skin on your lips some extra love and moisture. Pro tip – throw a favorite, uber-moisturizing, and SPF infused lip balm in your purse. Extra points for getting one that is tinted with your favorite color.

Eyes – while moisturizing your face, don’t forget to apply under eye cream to your eyes. Pick one that that is specially formulated for whatever needs you may have – moisturizing, tightening, anti-aging, or maybe one that helps get rid of dark circles, with all those parties, there is a good chance you might need it.

5. Take Your Makeup Off At the End of the Day

After a long day of running around capped off with a holiday party, the last thing you want to do is spend yet another 5 minutes on your feet before you hit the hay, but this is exactly what we are telling you to do! Taking off your makeup along with the grime of the day is a MUST if you want your skin looking good the next day, as well as prevent breakouts and premature skin aging.

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