New Year’s Eve Life Hacks That Might Just Save Your Night!

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New Year’s Eve is one of the ultimate beauty paradoxes. By the time the clock strikes twelve you’ve already been through a whirlwind of a night. You’ve danced the night away and likely been running around quite a bit, your lipstick has smudged, you’ve been working up a sweat and there might just be champagne in your hair. Talking of champaign that last glass might have taken a turn for the worst especially if you started when the night was young. Despite all of this you are ‘expected’ to look your absolute best throughout the night (because who wants their first photo of 2016 to be a mess – unless that’s the look you’re going for). So how do you stay in tip top shape ready for that kiss as the ball drops? Here we enlighten you on a couple of handy tips that might just be a life saver on the big night!

Multifunctional Lip balm

If your makeup has smudged its way across your face, hopefully you have remembered your lip palm in that pocket sized bag you dragged out. A clear lip balm – do make sure it’s clear, we don’t want any further mishaps, is perfect for banishing stubborn smudges. Make sure you remembered a good powder and setting spray before leaving the house to keep those smudges to a minimum in the first place! You can also use your chap stick in another ingenious way; blister protection! Those heals may look fabulous, but your feet won’t be too happy as the night courses on. Use your clear lip balm as a blister protection if those killer heals have started eating away at your feet.

Embrace the Smudge

Smoky liner is a far better option than a straight precision eye liner that has smudged out of shape. Why not try an on-purpose smolder? Use one fingertip to purposefully smudge the edges of your formerly perfect precision liner until you have an ‘artful blur’ effect and voila. Better yet, start the eve with a smoky eye to prevent this all together!

Pump up the Volume

Pretty much any hair product containing polymers (mousse, volumizing sprays, hair sprays and gels) can be reactivated with a shpritz of water. Run to the ladies and make use of the taps. Run your wet fingers through your hair and either smooth it down or scrunch it up depending on the look you’ve gone for. Redefine your curls by wrapping your strands around your fingers to bring life back to your waves. If you have super fine hair and really want to pump up the volume, flip your hair over and scrunch it up concentrating on the roots to stop them from looking so lifeless.

Flats Forward

For the love of feet, do not forget to take a spare pair of flats! You don’t want to be lugging round a heavy bag on NYE so keep it small and try taking a pair of light black pumps to match any outfit. You may even have a pair of pumps that can roll into a ball (if you don’t then get investing). These beauties are absolute life savers and will keep you on that dance floor helping you to burn up the body weight of calories you’ve just soaked up in alcohol.

The Morning After

The morning after New Years Eve has go to be one of the roughest mornings of the year but we wouldn’t start the new year any other way! You’re going to want to take notes of those Holiday Hangover Tips and give your face a good tending to. Try a deep cleanse and much needed exfoliation to revive your face for the start of the new year – where did the time fly? 

We hope these hacks help you in some shape or form, but what-ever you choose to do tonight, Beautiful Online wishes you a very Happy New Year!

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