Remove Cellulite with these 4 Easy Steps

Remover celulite em 4 passos

As the hats and scarves begin to make their first appearances, the cold weather brings a host of beauty related issues one of which is poor circulation. But how does poor circulation affect cellulite I hear you ask? 
Young and old, big and small, supermodel and normal human being, 90% of women suffer from cellulite at some point in their lives no matter which species of women they come from so we may as well learn to live with it right? Not entirely…

Though you should certainly learn to accept your body and feel happy with yourself, if cellulite is getting you down, there are ways to reduce it. Though mostly genetic, external factors play a role in just how visible those dimples are. Having poor circulation as the weather begins to cool means that it is more difficult for nutrients to reach those cellulite-prone areas and also weakens the connective tissue which in turn makes cellulite more visible – oh winter. 

So how can we improve our circulation & reduce cellulite?

1. Get Moving!

Get that blood pumping round your body with a little exercise. You need to do cardiovascular exercise to really get the job done. Strangely enough, you don’t need to push yourself to the brink of exhaustion to target cellulite. For maximum effect, do some light cardiovascular exercise (such as power walking or swimming) and maintain a steady pace for 20-30 minutes a few times a week. This will increase your oxygen intake and get that circulation going.

2. Body Brushing

Young woman using body brush in bathtub
Young woman using body brush in bathtub

The benefits of body brushing aren’t mentioned enough. It is certainly not waste time as the benefits are massive! Brushing the skin in a circular motion towards the heart will effectively increase the blood flow to the skin’s surface. This allows the skin to renew itself (hello soft skin!), and allow for nutrients to reach all areas of the skin’s surface. Dry brushing also helps to soften the fat deposits under the skin and to even out the ‘orange peel’ effect. Hand me the brush!

3. You Are What You Eat

Diet plays a big part in how visible your cellulite is. A diet rich in fiber, fruits, and veggies. Not to mention ample water is the best way to keep your cellulite at bay. Be sure to steer clear of processed, fatty foods, particularly those high in salt. This will not only benefit your cellulite but your skin and health too of course – win-win!

4. Silk’n Lipo Solo Cellulite Removal

Put down those lotions and creams, they aren’t helping! Tried absolutely everything and your cellulite simply won’t budge? It may be time to give your body a helping hand. The Silk’n Lipo Solo cellulite removal device uses radio frequency to blast your cellulite into oblivion. The device painlessly heats the area; this then stimulates the production of collagen and helps to melt the fat cells (the fat is then removed by the lymphatic system). Science aside, this techy beauty device is every girls’ dream. The Silkn Lipo cellulite reduction device also increases the circulatory system and puts you in control of those lumps and bumps.

By following these steps we have no doubt that you can reduce your cellulite and give your confidence the boost it’s been waiting for.

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