Silkn Glide Permanent Hair Removal Device: the Lowdown

estojo silkn glide

he Silkn Glide is the latest permanent hair removal device by Silkn aimed to fit into the tightest of budgets. Silkn believe that everyone should have the option to experience and use HPL technology and with the very reasonable prices of the 3 Silkn Glide models, there is a Glide out there for everyone. Now everyone can experience the benefits of permanent hair removal at home.

The Silkn Glide comes in 3 models. The difference between the 3 models is not only the color but also the number of pulses. Think of pulses as flashes, each flash is a 3cm2 section of hair zapped away. The devices range from 30,000 to 150,000 pulses. With so many pulses there is no need for refill lamps (in fact you cannot purchase refill lamps for silkn glide devices, meaning it is a one-time purchase for your hair removal dreams to come true.

The 3 models:

• Silkn Glide 30,000 pulses ($114)
• Silkn Glide 50,000 pulses ($139)
• Silkn Glide 150,000 pulses ($209)

These sleek and handy devices are not only perfect for use at home but also for travelling with. They are very compact and light making them easy to take away and convenient to store. The size and shape of the Silkn Glide devices has been specifically designed for ultimate comfort and ease of use. Even the technologically inept can follow the simple manual (or watch instruction video below) to make the best use of their device.

The Ultimate Bargain:

The Silkn Glide 150k is the ultimate bargain. The medically tested and clinically approved hair removal device is currently just $209 for a whopping 150,000 pulses! With plentiful pulses this should be enough to keep you going for a lifetime!

See image below for body areas that the device can be used and time taken to treat:

A very unique feature on Silkn Glide devices means that there are two modes of use. Users can use the pulse mode (the usual method) where each section has an individual flash one area at a time. Or the second ‘Glide’ mode is for those with little time, enabling the device to emit pulses that are evenly spaced when the trigger is held down, you can think of it a bit like a machine gun. This unique feature makes treatment sessions twice as fast!
For those of you who are searching for the best value for money home permanent hair removal machine using the latest light pulsed technology, then the Silkn Glide is for you!

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