Summer Beauty Essentials

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It’s summer season already. When did that happen?! With summer in full swing, trips to the beach are becoming more and more frequent, if you’re lucky enough to live near one that is, either way you will more than likely be spending more time outdoors under the beautiful cloudless sky. Whilst soaking up some precious vitamin D, we tend to neglect just how sensitive our skin and bodies are to the sun and heat! We are here to give you some of the best summer skincare essentials so that you can be healthy and beautiful this summer season.

1. I Scream You Scream We All Scream for Sun Cream?

We know this one is pretty obvious but nevertheless, it must be said! One of the main reasons that people don’t want to use sun cream is because they think it will prevent them from tanning. This is NOT the case! There are no excuses; the sun’s harmful rays are particularly dangerous in the summer months. UV rays not only cause skin cancer but also increase wrinkles and aging of the skin. Forget wrinkle creams, the only cream you really need is a preventative: Sun cream! Make sure you have an SPF of at least 30-50.

2. Exfoliate Your Face!

With all that Dry skin building up, exfoliation is essential in the summer months. Try getting your hands on the Silkn ReVit or the Glo-Me microdermabrasion device. They both use a vacuum suction to free your face from dry and dead skin that builds up. What costs an arm and a leg in the spa can now be bought as a one off treatment costing $159 or less (including shipping!). This is a definite summer must-have. 

3. Get Silky Smooth Legs

If you’re fed up with shaving, waxing and plucking, you are not alone. These hair removal methods are simply archaic – a thing of the past! This is where permanent hair removal technology comes into play. We aren’t talking about visiting a spa, we are talking about getting your hands on a home-kit device and bringing the spa, to you! The clinically proven Me Touch is the only permanent hair removal device FDA approved for use on tanned and all colored skin (including dark!). The Me Touch is the best of the best but if it’s a little out of your budget range there’s always the Silkn Hair removal devices. Unlike the Me Touch, the Silkn Glide can only be used on fairer skin but does the job! Become a former shaver and click here.

4. Say Goodbye to Dry Hair

The summer months can see our hair becoming dry and brittle. Those who have added color are especially prone to split ends and fragile hair. Don’t neglect your hair this summer, go and get your hands on a really good oil and hair mask. Moroccan Argan Oil has been the secret weapon behind the luscious locks of Moroccan women for centuries. Argan Dew’s luxurious hair care line may seem a little pricey, but its exceptional quality is outstanding. You only need a drop or two of the Miraculous Argan Oil for it to work its magic, the large bottle will last and last. Combined with a rich Argan Hair Mask, all eyes will be on your swishy radiant hair. Not only will it look amazing but it will be super healthy. Argan Dew products protect the hair from pollution, sun and sea, the ultimate hair care must have.

5. Polish Those Toes

No one likes dry feet. Not only can they be uncomfortable but let’s face it, they are simply not attractive. Get your hands on a Silkn Pedi dry skin remover – the perfect portable mini device for dry feet skin & callus care. Now go and treat yourself to a pedicure and show off those gorgeous toes without the fear of embarrassment.

Wishing you a beautiful summer – From Beautiful Online

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