The Best Anti-Aging Foods to Give You Younger Skin

alimentação saudável para pele saudável

Summer skin can involve a host of problems, from acne to sunburn, to dry skin and increasing wrinkles. As the skin ages and dries, wrinkles will begin to creep in becoming more and more prominent. The key is to keep the skin moisturized and well fed. Yes you heard us – well fed.

Though genes play a large part on wrinkle formation, our diet has a huge impact on our complexions. If you can make these healthy life changes, not only will they improve your complexion and keep your skin looking younger for longer, but they have numerous health benefits as well.

Here we list some of the foods to embrace and those you should steer clear of in this anti-wrinkle lifestyle diet.

Oily Fish Nuts and Seeds

Ever wonder why so many of the world’s beauties hail from the Mediterranean area? – Their diet of course! 
Eating a diet high in essential fatty acids keep the skin supple and moisturized (who knew you could moisturize your skin from the inside out!). You should aim to eat ample amounts of Omega 3 found in nuts and seeds (especially flaxseed), oily fish (salmon, tuna & mackerel) and avocados.

Ditch Inflammatory Foods

We may not think about inflammation on a daily basis but even low level inflammation can have no obvious signs yet have a great impact on how we age. Inflammation is usually catagorised by swelling and redness but internally we can’t notice these things.

Certain foods that increase inflammation include refined carbohydrates, including white bread and rice, foods containing white flour, sugar and processed meats. We know these foods can produce some pretty yummy things but there are plenty of healthy alternatives! 
And that brings us to…

Anti-Inflammatory foods

If you can’t let go of the bread and cakes you should at least be including as much anti-inflammatory foods in your diet as possible. Foods include; broccoli, wild salmon (also high in omega-3) and many spices including ginger and turmeric.

Tomatoes for Skin Protection

Tomatoes have a hidden property – they are excellent at helping to protect the skin from sun damage. And we all know that the sun is one of the key factors in aging skin! The lycopene inside tomatoes is actually more easily absorbed in the body after it has been cooked. This is one of the only fruits that is actually better cooked rather than raw! Why not have yourself some fresh tomato soup this weekend? 

Load up on Antioxidants

Antioxidants help to fight free radical damage to our cells (causing premature aging). 
Green tea, dark berries, a wide variety of colorful fruits and veggies and even red wine contain heaps of antioxidants to protect the skin. Just make sure to eat a wide variety of colorful fruits and veggies and if you must drink alcohol stick to the red wine – not so bad after all!

In a nut-shell, to really boost your skin and keep it looking younger and fresher for life, try to stick to non-processed foods with many fruits and veg, oily fish and nuts (think Mediterranean diet) and try to steer clear of fried foods, excessive alcohol, refined carbohydrates and sugar. 
Not only will you feel better for it, but your skin and health will thank you!

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