The best skin care routine for your 20’s

como cuidar de sua pele

Thought anti-aging actions should be taken at your 50’s? guess what, some actions are crucial to be taken at your 20’s!

When you’re at your 20’s, everything feels tight and on place. But did you know that that’s exactly the decade you’re most likely to commit irreversible mistakes which can damage your skin for the long run?

We came up with 5 most important skin care routine you better start following now before it’s too late.

1. Clean up

It’s important you wash your face before hitting the sack. Never go to sleep with your makeup on. Your makeup contains lots of chemicals, and together with the oils and dirt coming from the environment, it can cause you bad acne and absorb free radicals that trap your skin. If you’re too tired for cleansing, wash your face and use face wipes.

2. Get a proper face brush

Washing your face with your hands isn’t enough to reach deep to your skin and remove dead skin cells. Use an exfoliating cleaning brush that will get rid of the dead skin cells easily. We recommend you use your brush 3 times a week. For better results, use microdemabrasion device like our revolutionary GLO-ME which promotes growth of healthy new skin cells whils improving overall skin appearance.

3. Wear eye cream with SPF

The skin under your eyes is the softest and most fragile skin you have on your face. That’s why it’s crucial to treat it extra carefully. Use eye cream twice a day and make sure it has SPF which will block the UV rays. When outside, always wear your sunglasses on for a higher protection.

4. Treat tired eyes

Find a Caffeine packed formula that comes with a metal applicator. The metal will ensure you will shrink your puffy eyes fast.

5. Wear sunscreen

About 80% of wrinkles are caused by sun exposure. Studies show that people who wear sunscreen are less likely to show increased signs of aging. You can use sunscreen as your primer and then apply makeup.

In case you can already notice some wrinkles on your face, regardless of your age, we reccomend you’d use our best seller TriPollar Stop in order to reduce those wrinkles and get more glowing skin.


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