The Only Thing You Need for Fabulous Hair This Summer

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Hair feeling damaged and dry this summer? The hot summer weather can really take its toll. From changing the color of your hair, causing split ends, producing a frizz ball and even drying it out, we know very well that we need to protect our skin from the sun but many forget about their hair. Here we enlighten you on one quick and easy way you can keep your hair healthy and shining throughout the hot season.

Let’s Cut Right to the Chase; Argan Oil

It’s an oil that has been picking up headlines this year for its magically nourishing properties not only for the hair but also the skin. High in Vitamin E and fatty acids, Argan oil is nature’s gift to women. Native to Morocco, this is the only place on Earth that the Argan tree can be found. Moroccan women have benefited from its luxurious contents for centuries, but nowadays, we have the privilege of sharing this deluxe product with them!

What’s so Special About it?

Argan oil is a proven natural hair softener making it shinier and silkier by the drop. The oil can also be used to tame frizzy hair, treat and more importantly prevent split ends. It’s many uses means it can also be used daily to protect the hair from environmental damage (from the sun, water and pollution). In a way it is like sunscreen but for the hair, keeping it nourished, healthy and protected.

Non Greasy

One thing that makes Argan oil so special is that it is non greasy (both for the skin and hair). In fact it is one of the only oils that can actually improve acne. Applying the oil to the hair, you can be guaranteed that it will not make it greasy, just remember – you only need a drop or two!


Being native to Morocco, the oil is very rare making it a little pricey if you want the real deal. Not only is it rare but its production process is all derived from manual labor taking a woman 8 hours to hand process and produce 1 liter of oil alone. The good news is, you only need a couple of drops to put on your hair meaning a 100ml bottle will last you a year or more!! The quality is simply unmatchable. Worth it? 100%!
You can find Argan Dew’s Miraculous oil for $33! Argan Dew takes pride in that it’s products are not tested on animals, they are also SLS/SLES, paraben and alcohol free.

After taking advantage of the Miraculous Argan Oil you should try using an Argan hair mask at least once or twice a week during the summer to really keep those tresses protected and healthy. 

You can thank us later…

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