Want the Best Your of Your Moisturizer? You Need to Be Looking out for These Ingredients

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Dry skin is the bane of many women’s existent. No one wants their skin flaking about and if you’ve been piling on the moisturizers but still find your left with dry, itchy skin or even if you just want to make your skin that extra bit smooth – keep reading!

Here we give you some insider tips on the hydrating workhorses that will have your skin looking and feeling it’s smoothest in no time at all. It may be that you have been using a moisturizer or lotion that’s simply packed with the wrong ingredients. So which ingredients should you be looking out for to give your thirsty skin some love? Here we’ve compiled some must-have ingredients to alleviate even the toughest of skin.

Aloe Vera

You may not know it yet, but trust us, this is natures gift to you! The Aloa Vera plant’s sap has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve anything from eczema to burn wounds! If this plants gel can help the driest of skin (those with eczema) then think about it can do for those of you with simply ‘dry’ skin!

Shea Butter

Even reading the word has a soothing effect. This natural fat packed with vitamins A and E will leave the skin feeling soft and lush. Another natural anti-inflammatory this magical lotion can even help reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles – not quite to the same effect of the TriPollar STOP anti-wrinkle device, but every little helps!

Hyaluronic Acid

The name might be a tough one to remember but take note ladies – this is an ingredient to look out for in your moisturizers. This super hydrator will plump your skin big time!

Argan Oil

Moroccan women have sworn by the stuff for years. Packed with antioxidants, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids the oil can be a little pricy, but totally worth the splurge for troublesome dry and even acne ridden skin. It’s especially gentle on those with skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea. The oil in its purest from is easily absorbed by the skin, hair and nails leaving the skin (and hair) hydrated to the max.


Clinical studies have shown that dry and damaged skin can often be linked to depleted ceramide levels. These essential fats occur naturally on the skin and help it to retain its moisture. Chances are that if your skin is dehydrated, then you are lacking these babies.

Now you know the ingredients that your skin is craving, you can shop with purpose.
Happy hydrating!

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