Winter..Have We Judged It Too Harshly?

cuide de suas pernas neste inverno

Let’s Rethink Winter, Is It Really Bad For Our Skin Like Everyone Says? We say NO – 6 Reasons Why!

As we head into winter, many of us are beginning to dread the shorter and colder days spent in hibernation.  The onset of winter depression is almost palpable and the need for escape is growing more intense by the day.  “Am I going to be OK this time around?” we begin to wonder recalling the agony of the almost forgotten last winter.   “Am I strong enough to make it through to the other side?

While the dread is justified, as with almost anything in life, there is a flip-side. The cold temperature and lack of humidity are not exactly skin’s best friends, but there are other things that should be considered which can make up for whatever winter months lack. You may be surprised to discover this, but the cold season is a good time to nourish, heal and really improve your skin.  Shocking, yes.. but very reasonable. Let’s examine our hypothesis:

  1. No or very little sun – With no harsh sun rays bearing down on you, your skin gets a break from the harmful UV rays. You can even ease up on the heavily formulated and hard on pores sun-block lotions and protective oils. Now, we’re not implying you should stop completely, as there are situations when you should use sun-block even in cold temperatures, but easing up is in order.
  1. Layers of clothing – cold weather calls for long sleeves and long bottoms, complete with boots and coverups. Being this covered up allows your skin to get a reprieve from the severe elements outside, be they air pollution, dust elements, smoke and the like.
  1. Heavy air – To add to the above point, not only does our skin get a break because it’s more covered up from the elements, winter air itself is easier on the skin in one important aspect: as opposed to summer air which is light and humid, cold air is heavy and therefore carries less harmful particles.
  1. Skin care routine – while winter dryness is a known foe, by definition it tends to force us to maintain a much more regular moisturizing and skin care routine, which ends up being much more effective than anything we can manage in the summer with all its pleasant distractions. In other words, if your skin is bothering you, you are more likely to do something about it.
  1. More TIME – with the myriad of activities at our fingertips in the summer, we are generally far too busy to concentrate on something as “silly” as skin care. But in the cold months not only are we more likely to do something about dry skin, we also have fewer distractions and more “free” time to concentrate on taking care of ourselves.
  1. Holidays –  Finally, and not to be overlooked, there is the bliss of the holiday season that has the potential to reward you with top-of-the-line skin care products you’ve been dreaming about!  Now it is finally time for the holiday splurge that gets you the coveted skin tightening and cellulite reduction device such as Silk’n Silhouette or epilators such as Epilady FaceEpil or Epilady LadyB Bikini.

Considering all these points, is it time to reexamine your approach to winter?….Don’t know about you but we are starting to look forward to the cold season!

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